It all started when I was about 7 years old and my aunt Barbro gave me a ”give-away” camera complete with 110 film. The camera was more of a toy to me but it sparked off an interest that grew over the years. Later on, I inherited my first SLR camera from my uncle Sven-Erik and I started using it frequently. My father Rune, who also have an interest in photography, inspired me to continue and to pursue my dream. My mother Yrsa also gave me great support.


After 4 years of studying photography whence 2 years and 90 credits at the Photo School in Gamleby as well as working with some Masters in photography, I then started my professional career.


I founded my company in 1996 and my studio at Kalendegatan in 2000.


Since then a lot of productions has been made and I have had a variety of clients, from International corporations to smaller companies and magazines.


As a person, I am compelled to be a part of a company´s communication with its customers and I am always very responsive and do my utmost to ensure that the customer is satisfied with my work.


In the years gone by, I have had the privilege to meet many extraordinary people to be inspired by and been able to travel to the most wonderful places on earth, for that I am very grateful.


I sincerely love my job!